How Layer Banners Help Publishers Earn More

More About How Layer Banners Help Publishers Earn More.

Clicksor has just recently released its new Layer Banners that will help increase the effectiveness of retaining visitors for Advertisers. As Publishers might not know what it is, I’ve created this mini tutorial to help Publishers understand what they are and how they actually work, and the reason why Publishers should not waste any time to adopt these new ads to their site to earn more money than ever.

First of all, let’s explain what layer ads actually are.

Layer ads are ads that show up above your browser and scrolls along with the audience when they visit your site.

Due to this specific trait, Publishers benefit more from these layer ads because:

Publishers won’t need to change their site layout since it is displayed off their site.
There are no size restrictions since it is displayed on a separate layer on top of your site, which helps you minimize your unsold traffic.

Here is an example of layer ads to show you what they look like:

With this new generation of advertising format, Clicksor aims to garner more effective advertising for Advertisers and also help Publishers effectively establish the best way to earn money using their site.

As this is relatively new technology, if there are any questions or feedback, let me know and I will reply back to you as soon as possible.

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