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Hi there, Congratulations on activating your Google Analytics account. You’re probably eager to start digging into your website data, so we’ve put together this quick guide to help you get set up. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to learn how people find your site, how they interact with it, and how you can use that info to turn more of those people into customers. Install the Google Analytics tracking code First things first: add the Analytics tracking code to every page of your website so that you’re gathering accurate data (if you’re using Google Sites, please follow these directions.) Here’s how:
Go to your Analytics profile's Tracking Code page. Find the 'instructions for adding tracking’ section and copy the code snippet from the text box there. Paste the snippet into every page you want to track, immediately before the < /head> tag. If you use a common template you can enter it there. Note: To install your tracking code, you’ll need access to your web pages, basic HTML knowledge and the ability to upload the revised pages to your server. If you can’t do these things, select ‘email these instructions’ to send the code to your webmaster. Next, make sure you’re seeing data Once your tracking code is installed, within about 24 hours you should be able to see data in your Analytics reports by selecting ‘view report’ next to your profile name.
If you don’t see any data, try these steps: Check the ‘status’ column next to your profile name in your Analytics account. You should see a green mark indicating that the status is active.If you see a white clock this means the tracking code has been detected and you will start seeing data in Google Analytics soon. If you see a yellow triangle this indicates the tracking code has not been installed.If you see the yellow triangle, try checking your tracking code by selecting ‘edit’ next to your profile name, where you can access the tracking code again by selecting ‘check status’.

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